Financing Opportunities

The Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce have many member banks and financial institutions which offer a variety of commercial lending options. They include:




































Michigan Funding Programs

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has a variety of funding programs that can help with your growing business.

  • Debt funding
  • Mezzanine funding
  • Capital locator tools
  • Pre-seed funding
  • Collateral support
  • Loan participation programs
  • Contact Lance Wolfe U.P. contact for SBDC for more information on these programs.






Gap Financing Opportunities

Northern Initiatives (NI) offers gap financing opportunities in addition to their own finance tools, and for projects in the City of Kingsford. NI administers a revolving loan fund for businesses wishing to relocate to Kingsford, or existing businesses looking to expand. Contact Kristin Smith for more in-formation.